Jueves, 23 Diciembre 2021 16:57

9.6 sand resin tint Fuente Classic

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 9.6 sand resin tint Fuente Classic, red cedar stringer and polish


Domingo, 03 Enero 2021 08:53

9.7 resin tint Classic Pin

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9.7 resin tint Classic Pin- a single fin pintail classic noserider in fucsia resin tint and polish

Jueves, 15 Octubre 2020 12:32

9.3 blue resin tint Lady Pintail

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9.3 blue resin tint Lady Pintail w/ deck patch; a single fin all round noserider

Miércoles, 30 Septiembre 2020 11:06

10.0 volan Fuente Classic

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    10.0 volan Fuente Classic, a single fin round square classic noserider

Domingo, 05 Julio 2020 17:10

10.0 Limousine Model

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10.0 Limousine Model in double stringer & volan makes this the ultimate crusing machine. Acceleration at its best.