Monday, 01 February 2016 18:08

9.4 resin tint CLASSIC PIN

9.4 resin tint CLASSIC PIN, a single fin maneuverable noserider, great paddler, fast, maneuverable, versatile and noserider.

Measures  9.4 - 23 - 3

9.4 CLASSIC PIN en resina tintada, un single fin maniobrable con buena capacidad para el noseride, de remada y versátil.

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016 05:57

9.4 tinted resin LADY PINTAIL

9.3 resin tint LADY PINTAIL with patch on deck, a single fin versatile noserider. Great all around shape for small to medium waves, fast, maneuverable and with great noseriding capabilities.

Measures   9.3 - 22 7/8 - 2 3/4

9.3 LADY PINTAIL en resina teñida y con parche en deck, un single fin versátil, maniobrable, rápido y con buenas capacidades para el noseride.

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