Domingo, 29 Octubre 2017 15:55

8.0 resin tint LADY PINTAIL



8.0 resin tint LADY PINTAIL, a 2+1 pintail mid lenght ideal to complement your longboard quiver. Fast, maneuverable, versatile, works great on bechbreaks.

Miércoles, 25 Octubre 2017 12:24

9.3 resin tint LADY PINTAIL


9.3 resin tint LADY PINTAIL, a single fin pintail noserider. Great shape for beachbreak surfing as well as very versatile. Classic all around shape.

Viernes, 13 Octubre 2017 15:13

9.5 resin tint FUENTE CLASSIC


9.5 resin tint FUENTE CLASSIC, a single fin round square classic noserider. Great paddling & noseriding capabilities w/ good glide.

Miércoles, 04 Octubre 2017 10:05

9.5 resin swirl HALF MOON CLASSIC

9.5 resin swirl HALF MOON CLASSIC - A single fin moon tail noserider in multi color resin tint and polish. Great noseriding capabilities with a great feel for control.

Viernes, 29 Septiembre 2017 16:07



Hello there Adrián Erdozaín! Welcome aboard oficially, even tough you have always been around. Congratulations for being part of our team. Your time has come.