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Longboard Performent I Model

Longboard Performent model I, square tail high performance noserider. As a longboarding company with more than 10 years of experience on the market we have evolved from modern longboard shapes to more classic ones in the last couple of years. Conforming a complete quiver of 9 longboard models with a common emphasis on noseriding. After all this years our mission is the same, making shapes to make our customers/surfers improve to the next level. The Performent Model I was the first stone on our CeCe quiver. A square tail performance noserider designed to provide performance and development. Stands out for its glide, maneuverabilty, and control with great paddle and noseriding capabilities. The Performent Model I works great is small to medium waves, and fits into any level surfer due to its flotability, stability, and control. A great option to start focusing your surf in the endless book of noseriding.