Miércoles, 15 Febrero 2017 15:31

9.4 blue resin tint LADY PINTAIL

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9.4 blue resin tint Lady Pintail, a single fin pintail noserider. Versatile, fast, maneuverable, and with great noseriding capabilities.

9.4 Lady Pintail en resina tintada azul, un single fin noserider en cola pintail. Versátil, rápido, maniobrable, y con gran capacidad para el noseride.


Congrats slider Nienke Duinmeijer for your win this past weekend at the #singleandunattached invitational in the Phillipines. Photo Tim Hain

Sábado, 11 Febrero 2017 13:08

Meanwhile in the Maldives...

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Meanwhile in the Maldives... (slider Ruben Fuente / photo Piel Salada)

Viernes, 03 Febrero 2017 16:10


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Slider CARLOS CLAVERO having fun around the Indian Ocean during the last Jornadas Longboard in the Maldives. Photo by Piel Salada

Miércoles, 01 Febrero 2017 16:40

8.0 resin tint Lady Pintail

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8.0 resin tint Lady Pintail. A single fin versatile midlenght, fast, maneuverable, and a great complement to your longboard quiver.


8.0 Lady Pintail en resina tintada. Un single fin versatil en medida intermedia, maniobrable y gran complemento para tu quiver de longboards.