Jueves, 04 Mayo 2017 11:02

9.4 resin tint CLASSIC SQUASH

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9.4 red resin opaque CLASSIC SQUASH- a single fin squash tail noserider. Classic feel, versatile, great noserider.

9.4 CLASSIC SQUASH en resina opaca color rojo- Un single fin noserider con cola squash. Shape clásico, versátil, con gran capacidad para el noseride.

Martes, 02 Mayo 2017 15:29

Slider RUBEN FUENTE noseriding a Classic Squash

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Slider RUBEN FUENTE maneuvering on the nose of a 9.5 single fin Classic Squash. Photo Piel Salada around the Indian Ocean

Lunes, 01 Mayo 2017 05:44


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Slider ANGELA TURRO on the way to a session with her 9.4 single fin Half Moon Classic. Photo Sidrisima

Lunes, 24 Abril 2017 06:53

9.4 SANTANA modern noserider

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9.4 resin tint SANTANA modern noserider. A two plus one versatile modern noserider, fast, maneuverable & a great complement to your classic quiver.

Jueves, 13 Abril 2017 14:58

9.5 resin swirl Lady Pintail

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9.5 resin swirl Lady Pintail- One of the most versatile classic models. Fast, maneuverable, and with great noseriding capabilities. Blueish, green resin swirl in polish finish.