Miércoles, 20 Marzo 2019 17:50

9.4 resin tint FUENTE CLASSIC -


9.4 green resin tint Fuente Classic ; a single fin round square noserider.

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Miércoles, 20 Marzo 2019 17:37

7.5 resin tint single fin retro


7.5 toffee resin tint single fin retro. Another great complement to your longboard quiver.

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Domingo, 10 Marzo 2019 11:40

9.3 resin tint SQUID


9.3 resin tint SQUID, a single fin all round noserider in toffee resin tint & polish.

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Sábado, 16 Febrero 2019 16:16

9.1 resin tint CLASSIC PIN


9.1 resin tint Classic Pin; a single fin pintail noserider. Beachbreak friendly. Great versatility.

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Viernes, 11 Enero 2019 13:46

9.8 volan Fuente Classic

9.8 resin tint volan Fuente Classic; a single fin round square classic noserider. Great glider with top noseriding capabilities.

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Lunes, 26 Noviembre 2018 13:39

9.2 resin swirl Lady Pintail


9.2 resin swirl Lady Pintail/ a single fin pintail noserider

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Lunes, 12 Noviembre 2018 15:43

9.5 volan resin tint FUENTE CLASSIC


9.5 volan resin tint Fuente Classic, a single fin classic noserider. Great noseriding capabilities.


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Viernes, 09 Noviembre 2018 13:59




That´s a wrap! Jornadas Longboard Maldives 7 group photo:)

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Martes, 23 Octubre 2018 10:35

9.4 red resin tint CLASSIC PIN


9.4 post office red resin tint CLASSIC PIN; a single fin pintail noserider.

9.4 CLASSIC PIN en resina tintada roja; un single fin noserider en pintail.

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Miércoles, 10 Octubre 2018 14:23

9.0 pink resin tint LADY PINTAIL




9.0 pink resin tint LADY PINTAIL; a single fin versatile noserider.

9.0 LADY PINTAIL en resina tintada rosa y pulido. Un single fin noserider con versatilidad.

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