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9.4 tinted resin CLASSIC PIN

9.4 tinted resin CLASSIC PIN - a single fin maneuverable noserider with patch on deck and fin box area, tinted resin, and polish.

Measures 9.4 - 23 - 3

9.4 CLASSIC PIN en resina tintada - un single fin noserider maniobrable, con parche en deck y zona de cajetin, pulido.

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Early Bird gets the worm by Sidrisma of slider Ruben Fuente hanging ten with the first rays of sun. Northern Spain

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Martes, 28 Abril 2015 10:37

9.3 tinted resin LADY PINTAIL

9.3 tinted resin Lady Pintail, a single fin maneuverable noserider. Fast, great paddler, noserider and versatile.

Measures: 9.3   22 3/4   2 3/4

9.3 Lady Pintail en resina tintada, un single fin noserider, maniobrable, buena remada, versatil.

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Martes, 28 Abril 2015 10:37

9.3 Lady Pintail

9.3 Lady Pintail - 22 3/4 width - 2 3/4 thick. A single fin maneuverable noserider ideal for small to medium waves, fast, great paddler, glider. Great choice to improve your style through classic longboarding.


9.3 Lady Pintail, un single fin maniobrable con buena capacidad para el noseride ideal para olas pequeñas y medianas. Rápido, con buen glide y con buena capacidad de remada. Buen modelo para mejorar tus habilidades en el nose.

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Martes, 28 Abril 2015 10:37

9.5 single fin Classic Impro


9.5 single fin CLASSIC IMPRO, a round square noserider made to spend more time on the nose. Great paddle capability, good maneuverability combined with the great noseriding  makes it the a good model to improve your noseriding skills.

Measurements: 9.5 - 23 - 3


9.5 CLASSIC IMPRO single fin, un round square noserider con cantos 50/50 cuya finalidad es pasar más tiempo en el nose. Además de la buena remada, este noserider tiene un punto más de maniobrabilidad y rendimiento a la hora de realizar maniobras críticas.

Medidas: 9.5 - 23 - 3

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Martes, 14 Abril 2015 14:59

7.4 single fin LADY PINTAIL

7.4 LADY PINTAIL- a single fin maneuverable mid lenght ideal to complement your longboard quiver. Fast, maneuverable and ideal for surfing beachbreaks

Measurements:   7.4 - 21 1/2 - 2 3/4

7.4 LADY PINTAIL- un minilong en single muy maniobrable y rapido ideal para complementar tu quiver de longboards. Funciona bien en olas de playa

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Lunes, 30 Marzo 2015 15:32


9.0 Santana model, a high performance modern noserider ideal to combine a more progressive approach to surfing and noseriding

Medidas   9.0  -  22 3/4 - 2 3/4

9.0 Santana model, un high performance moderno ideal para combinar un surf progresivo con buenos noserides en condiciones de olas mas exigentes

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9.5 CLASSIC IMPRO, a single fin noserider ideal for pointbreak surfing. Great paddler, good inertia ideal for taking your noseriding to the next level. Grey tones, polish.

Measures: 9.5 - 23 - 3

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Martes, 27 Enero 2015 10:31

New set of CeCe Fins


Nuevo set de quillas #Standard #Noserider -  New set of fins #Standard #Noserider

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Slider Nienke Duinmeijer gracefully on her way to the nose riding her Lady Pintail around Northern Spain, Cantabria

Photo by Meike Reijerman

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